Introduction letter

Dear Sir / Madam

The main advantages of our company are development and introduction of HR strategies, as a result our partners receive:

  • - high qualified specialists with good marine experience who are regular and long-term working in a company; 
  • - optimization of manning expenses, such as seaman wages, planning of crew changes and handover period.

We carry out the selection of Ukrainian seafarers. That is why we are collaborating with Maritime institutions and training centers which are always eager to comply with the latest developing standards. We provide careful selecting, carry out multi-level interviews and training of each crew, with special program. Their performance on board is continuously monitored through the Crew Appraisal Program; there is also a bonus system. We are placing an emphasis on growing of the young officers, aimed at career development. 

In order to optimize manning expenses and plan seaman salary we constantly monitoring the market. Organize timely crew changes by possibly early planning, what gives us an opportunity to do it in convenient ports with better cost for flight tickets, and optimize handover/ crew change period.

Master Ltd. based in the center of the city Odessa, Ukraine. The company was founded in 2001, and licensed by the Ministry of the Social Policy of Ukraine, certified by MLC 2006 and ISO 9001: 2008. It was established to provide professional and competent crewing services to our partners for their full satisfaction.

Ukraine, and Odessa in particular, has a great tradition and potential for the development and training of seafarers for a wide spectrum of the shipping community, that is why our company is closely cooperating with Odessa Maritime Institutions such as Odessa National Maritime Academy, Odessa Maritime College, with biggest Odessa Maritime Training Center. The availability of easy learning candidates (seafarers) and a good training base allow us to create new HR projects to satisfy our partner’s requirements. Also major factors in the success of the Ukrainian seafarers are their European mentality, professionalism and high level of education.

We man all types of the vessels of merchant fleet such as bulk carriers, containers, tankers, yachts etc., and offshore fleet special types of vessels such as AHTS, PSV, DSV, Crew Boats, etc. Successfully cooperating with Greek, Norway, Israeli, Singapore, KSA shipping companies and others.

We invite you to visit our website:  and find more detailed information For Shipowners, or contact us on Linkedin.


With best regards,
Director of maritime agency “Master Ltd.”
Olena Kashuba

Contact cell:  +380636369609, +380933932473 Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp

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